Namakubi (Severed Head)

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This t-shirt will keep an eye on everyone behind you. Only available on black, this Namakubi t-shirt is very comfortable and durable. Just follow the washing instructions to make sure it looks always as fresh as day 1

❌Regular fit tee
❌Design by Edu Dub
❌Print on the back

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生首 Or A.K.A  severed head designs in Japanese culture can be used as symbol of courage, a warning, respect for foe, or just as an image of no fear.  Willingness to accept your fate with honour.  A brutal image tho, it is applied not as shock factor only, but as an element to the circle of life.

‘Namakubi’ print located on the black, on black t-shirt,  with ‘The Eye’ in burgundy on the middle chest.

❌Regular fit tee
❌Designed by Edu Dub
❌100% combed cotton

This comes directly to you from our Headquarters in Amsterdam


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