Order placement

1. Customer might purchase goods via the Online Shop. In order to do so, Customer shall add individual goods to “cart”, and then confirm the selection by clicking on the appropriate option available on the Online Shop website.

2. After confirming a list of selected Goods, Customer shall:
a) Specify method of payment
b) Confirm that data provided during Account registration is valid, and the complete price of Goods  (including also VAT, any duties, delivery cost and payment cost- if any)

3. Performing the activities mentioned in section 1 and 2 is equal to making an offer of sale of the goods placed in cart by Customer to Seller, with pricing displayed and delivery cost provided.

4. When placing the offer by Customer in accordance with section 3, Customer is sent a message via e-mail to the address provided by Customer during account registration, with written confirmation of the terms of the placed order.

5. Entering into the sale contract between Customer and Seller takes place after the offer (order) has been accepted by Seller- in the form of a message sent via e-mail to the address provided during account registration of the Internet store user. Confirmation of the offer (order) placement, mentioned in section 4, shall not be equal to offer (order) acceptance.

6. Seller reserves the right to change the content of the Online Shop website, especially Product catalogue as well as the terms of Goods sale, as well as for conducting and cancelling promotional campaigns on Store sites. Such changes shall not influence conditions of execution of accepted orders.


1. Seller provides the following methods of payment:
a) iDeal
b) PayPal
c) All major credit and debit cards

2. Payment cost is determined by the selected method of payment. Customer is informed about the payment cost of particular Goods before placing the order, in accordance with 3. Moreover, information about current rates is accessible at all times on Store website.

3. In case of payment via iDeal, Paypal and credit/debit card, payment shall be completed before the Goods delivery.

4. In case of Customer’s delay in payment exceeding 7 working days from order acceptance by Seller, Seller is entitled to withdraw from the sale agreement mentioned above in  section 3 – 5.

Order processing and Goods delivery

1. Seller shall undertake order processing immediately acknowledgment of payment for the Goods in their bank account.

2. Delivery method and shipping address shall be specified by Customer in the order form.

3. Possible delivery methods are:
a) PostNL for national orders
b) DHL for international orders

4. Shipping cost is dependent on the selected delivery method and the selected method of payment. Customer is informed about the cost of delivery of given Goods before placing the order, in accordance with section 3. Moreover, information about current rates is accessible at all times on the Online Shop website.

5. Order lead time is the sum of handing over the package to the delivery person and the time of package delivery. Seller shall hand over Goods to the delivery person within maximum 21 days from the order acceptance.

6. In case of no possibility to process the order within the time specified in section  5 above, Seller might:
a) Inform Customer about this fact via e-mail to the address provided during Account registration or when placing the order and return the whole amount of money to Customer– unless Customer  gives their consent for prolonging the time of receipt of Goods. It especially concerns Goods that require adaptation to the individual needs of the specific Customer.
b) Free themselves from the obligation of order execution through fulfillment of the substitute obligation corresponding with the same quality and purpose and for the same prize. Customer might however refuse to accept substitute package and withdraw from the contract in line with the conditions specified in section 7, including returning Goods at Seller’s expense.