As a company we find it very important to contribute our part to helping out the planet!

For this reason we are supporting Ecologi, a company that bands together to reduce the carbon footprint of companies and individuals and plays a major role in funding climate projects.

We help fund them monthly an amount which equals to 12 trees planted and 0.88 Tons of Co2 reduction in carbon footprint.

Did you know that 0.88 Tons of Co2 reduction is the equivalent of:

  • 1 long haul flight: from London to San Francisco, a distance of 8,619.80 km
  • 3m2 of sea ice saved ( A 2016 research paper published in Novembers issue of Science Magazine, found that the loss of Arctic sea ice had a linear relationship to CO2 emissions. This rate is 3 ± 0.3 square metres per tonne of CO2. )
  • 2183 Miles driven in a car ( The US Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon emissions calculator estimates that 2481 miles (3992.7 km) emits 1 tonne of CO2. )

Besides our standard monthly contribution we want to help out even more! For every product sold we are planting a set amount of trees!

Help us build our forest! We will plant roughly 1 tree per 5 euro spent in our webshop.

Projects that Calyptra have funded and supported:

You can take a look at our profile on Ecologi to see the current status of our forest and projects that we are funding

All extra information regarding evidence and certificates of planting trees and carbon reduction can be found here.