Calyptra is a collaboration based brand inspired by the world of tattooing. We provide a platform for artists to sell their t-shirts with minimal effort in terms of capital or time. We take care of printing, packaging, delivery, marketing, returns, refunds and everything that comes along with it. We are a fair company that makes sure that value returns to our collaborators.


We started this project to create an easy, helpful platform for artists to sell their designs through a commission based system. We both find art an important aspect of life, for us to help artists that are up and coming or before never had a way to show their designs is a valuable piece to our well being. Our brand represents support, honesty and transparency. For each bit of profit we earn we give back to the planet and the artist through charity and commissions. We believe in a win-win situation and a chain of support between our collaborators, our planet, and us.


Our project is divided into three parts. Artist / Planet / Calyptra. We calculate the profit in such a way that we make sure we never make more than the artist themselves. The artist earns their commission on each t-shirt sold and we take care of the logistic side of it all. Not only do we use our part of the profit to help support the artist, we also help support the planet by using a small portion of our gains to grant to charity. Calyptra currently is helping projects that involve deforestation and reducing our carbon footprint. More information can be found here.


Edu is a creator at heart, whilst schooled in technical drawing he prefers to hone new styles and concepts that reflect his character. After his departure from his homeland Spain he arrived in Amsterdam to broaden his horizon and to progress in his artwork. Rooted firmly, Edu has an optimistic and driven mindset that is contagious and spreads quickly to those surrounding him.

‘’Optimism isn’t the absence of negativity, it’s moving forward in spite of it’’ – Steve S. Hogenboom

Steve started out as a skateboarder, since a young age he was always found skating on school property in his hometown or at the local skatepark which is where he has got his style from. At the age of 19 he tore his ligaments in his knee which caused him to re-evaluate his choices, not being able to skate he decided to dedicate his time to music which left him with a newfound passion. His mindset is positive yet realistic, practice makes perfect. 

‘’You have not really learned a kickflip when you have only landed it once.‘’ – Steve S. Hogenboom

Justina has always enjoyed arts and sceneries from all over the world, with a passion for travel she is a nomad at heart. She embarked on a journey which led her to Amsterdam and found a way to establish herself in an environment where she is surrounded with creatives. Inspired she has also reached out to the brush and pencils and has made magnificent murals in the process. Packed with a rich and outgoing personality Justina has a way of putting a smile on anyone’s face!

‘’Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.’’ – Oscar Wilde


If you would like to go ahead and do a collaboration with us, please find out a little more of how it works here

We are looking forward to hearing from you at hallo@calyptra.nl